Nd : Yag and Diode Laser for Hair Removal

Nd: YAG laser hair removal is the newest form of laser hair removal. ” Nd” stands for Neodymium, and ” YAG” stands for yttrium aluminum garnet. These lasers are often used for tattoo removal as well as hyperpigmentation, but can also be used for hair removal.

A carbon lotion is applied to the skin in order to penetrate the hair follicles that will be treated; the follicles absorb the Nd:YAG laser wavelengths. The Nd:YAG laser can be used for effective hair removal by all types of patients, including those who have tanned skin. Large areas of the body can be treated quickly with this type of laser. There may be slightly more discomfort with the Nd:YAG laser than with other laser hair removal machines.

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