Radio frequency Removal of Corns

When treating hard corns (clavi), the primary objective is to debulk or pare the lesion without drawing blood. Treatment should be aimed at reducing symptoms such as pain and discomfort with walking. Paring of the lesions immediately reduces pain. Following preparation of the skin with alcohol or iodine, a No. 15 surgical blade can be used with or without anesthesia to gradually remove sequential layers of keratin.  Once the etiology of the foot pressure irregularity is determined, attempts at pressure redistribution should be made. The final treatment goals are to remove the central keratin core for short-term pain relief and to reshape the skin to provide long-term prevention of excess friction.  Regular debridement in high-risk populations, such as diabetic patients, may decrease the incidence of ulceration and, consequently, the need for surgical intervention.The use of orthotics and conservative footwear with extra toe space are often beneficial. When all else fails, surgery may be performed

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