Radio frequency Removal of Moles

Effective Treatment of Moles by Cosmetic Physician

  • Effective to Remove Raised Moles

  • Quick and Convenient, No Down Time

  • Medicare Rebate Depending on Site of Mole & Other Factors

Moles are a common occurrence on the skin, particularly for those with fair complexions. They can be genetic or the result of sun exposure, and are little more than deposits of skin pigmentations that form together on the top layer of the skin. The majority of these skin pigmentations will be harmless but they can be aesthetically unappealing depending on where they are located. Cosmetic radio frequency mole removal refers to the removal of skin growths and discolourations that are purely an aesthetic concern. For moles that look a little more suspect and might prove to be something more, a punch biopsy mole removal, shave biopsy or traditional excisional biopsy may be required.

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